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lights made by: Suzan Hidding I wood work made by: Lika Kortmann

The desire to design my own bed...

The idea to integrate the lighting elements in the total design of the bed ended up in an asymmetrical solution. A loose standing side table with integrated light on one side of the bed, and a lights fixed to the bed frame on the other side. The loose element I photographed.
The tubes of the light are made out of standard copper pipes. Suzan came up with the technical and smart solution to make little teeth, halfway the tube, in order to give the flexibility to move the light in 6 different fixed positions. The LED light inside the tube, takes over the colour of the copper, this gives a nice soft and warm glow, just enough to read a book.

The bed frame and side table are made of birch plywood. The layering of the plywood is visible at the top of the furniture elements. At the side table, opposite the copper tube a special cut out is made to mark a stable place for a glass of water.