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Company Webcast_lighting fixture

In Februari - March 2014 I made this lighting fixture for Company Webcast to celebrate the project I did for them and the nice collaboration the last months. It is placed next to the entrance door. I used left over materials of the project, which are four colours of wool felt, galvanised steel and perspex. Different techniques are used, like 2d laser and die cutting. It consist of 72 transparent fishing lines, with 342 elements attached to them. These elements are assembled with different materials and combinations. Together they make a big circular 3d element, with a light element in the centre. They will move already with a little air change, and by this they are always in a different position. Through the holes a 3d seeing though will change all the time. On top the polished stainless steel element, will reflect light and movement.

Thank you Company Webcast, Lex, Liesbeth, Hans, Rob, Viktor, Henk, Ieme, Maarten, Jeroen, Erik, Remko, Ifabrica, Vilta, Burger, Q-Cat