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photos: Hélène Binnet, Ossip van Duivenbode and Maarten Noordijk

The existing courthouse in the city of Zwolle designed by architect Kruger dates from 1964. As soon as the mid 1980s there arose a need for extension. After many years of successive plans a new start has been made at the end of 2004 which is finished in 2016 .
Our design comprises a new court building and the renovation of the old one. The new building is located next to the old one; at the ground floor they are spatially connected. In contrast with the closed and introverted features of the Kruger building, the new building is transparent and accessible, with its public spaces directed to the surroundings. Its form is determined by the existing urban fabric, directions and boundaries, as well as by the heights and positions of the trees. In this way an urban coherence and new views are created. The new building consists of four programmatic layers. The first one contains an underground parking of two floors connected on the basement to the old parking. The second layer is the ground floor with the entrance zone and facilities like storage, archive, prison cells, interrogation rooms and rooms for technical facilities. The old building’s entrance zone is connected here to the new visitors entrance. The third layer consists of a two floors layer with a corridor (public waiting room), courtrooms, council chambers and a library. The upper layer consists of three floors with office rooms. In line with its function each layer has its own type of construction, installation and materialisation.

New Courthouse and Renovation of the Existing Courthouse, Zwolle           
Client: Central Gouvernment Real Estate Agency
Architect: Rob Hootsmans
Projectteam: Maarten van der Hulst, Henri van Bennekom, Eric van Noord, Remco Brugging, Elke Demyttenaere, Marlies Boterman, Daan Petri, Monique Smit, Donna van Milligen Bielke, Stefan Kentie, Jonathan Hibma, Erwin Zomers, Johan van Sprundel, Andreas Bogenschutz
Construction engineer: Arcadis
M&E: van Heugten and Peutz
Constructor: Dura Vermeer & Trebbe
Building surface: 16.420m² new and 11.725 m² renovation, Start design: 2004
Start construction: 2010, Finished: 2016