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photo's: Jeroen Musch

The new workspace of Company Webcast has an industrial character, with a clear height of 4.9 metres and large windows. The enormous amount of light and air has an impact on you. These excessive dimensions are marvellous and a starting point for the new design. The new plan had to integrate the existing volume in the center of the floorplan, with acces to the level up, covered by the new curtain. The main intervention is about walls. With these walls new spaces are created. The functional space, such as offices and a studio. But even more interesting is the left over space. This floats from open spaces with direct view to the outside world, to more intimate spaces, with focus on the inside. At the same time it becomes wider or more narrow when you enter a new zone or function. Day light and fresh air are always present, because all office walls are 2.45 metres high. The soft curved walls welcome you in. The curtain is a repetition of these curves, but almost full height and made of soft moving linen textile. The company has a need for seperate workrooms to create different departments. To create enjoyable acoustics, all walls inbetween the offices are covered with insulation sheets, with felt on top. The working zone is seperated from the ‘fun’ zone, by a full height wall, made of underlayment. This wall is an acoustic barrier, but also consist a climbing wall and a ‘wall of fame’. Most furniture elements are made of ecoplex wood, and are specially designed for this project. The lighting fixture next to the entrance I made myself, to cellebrate the nice collaboration during the whole process. 

Office Company Webcast
Client: Olaf Lawerman, Company Webcast
Architect: Marlies Boterman
Team: Viktor van Hooff
Acoustic advisor: Robin van den Hoeven
M&E: Jeroen Klein
Building contractor: Coors interieurbouw
Building surface: 1094 m2, Buget: 150.000 euro (incl technics)
Start design: August 2013, Start building: November 2013, Finished: March 2014