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Situated next to the A10 in the industrial Zuid-Oost area of Amsterdam, the new HQ for G-Star RAW will consolidate G-Star RAW’s disparate facilities into a single building that aims to stimulate interaction between various departments. The 27,500m2 horizontal building - 140 metres long - consists of a creative nucleus containing the core departments of G-Star RAW, which are enveloped by a ring of offi ces, parking and support facilities. In this project the first question asked to Inside Outside was to look more closely to the G-Star project. Regarding the total design concept of the building and qualities that could be added. In the next page you can see a small summery of ideas. In this period I worked parttime at Inside Outside in Amsterdam, and the rest of the time at OMA, as a bridge and continuaty between the two firms. Next to this search for potentential and quality I developped the office part of the building. With introducing the toolkit on these level, we could bring flexibility and elements that were perfectly fitting with the needs of G-Star.

Concept interior Headquaters G-STAR Amsterdam
Client G-STAR RAW C.V.
Partner: Ellen van Loon
Projectleader: Saskia Simon, in collaboration with Inside Outside, Petra Blaisse: Marlies Boterman
Projectteam: Sarah Moylen, Mafalda Rangel, Marina Cogliani, Green van Gogh, Tjeerd van der Sandt