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For the purpose of an extension of the lawyer’s offi ce Loyens & Loeff,located in the area of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, we made a feasibility study, in which we also studied the possibilities of an extension of the academy itself on the adjacent parcel. So the whole programme comprised an extension of the lawyer’s offi ce (with 7.000 m²), a new student’s housing complex (10.000 m²), an extension for the purpose of the education programme (4 à 5.000 m²) and offi ce spaces (6.000 m²) for the academy. In our proposal two parcels are assembled into one ensemble with a clear identity, but with divers programmes. The new buildings consist of a stacking of functions -- studios, lecture-rooms and exposition spaces -- on the bottom fl oors. The structure on top of them can accommodate various confi gurations with different functions like dwellings and offi ces. The buildings have a clear lay-out. The façades consist of transparent membranes. Functional devices like sun blinds and green are as an extra layer placed behind the glass façade. To be an outspoken example in the fi eld of innovation and sustainability, techniques like sun blinds, climate façades, natural airing, heat recovery, energy saving equipment and lightning, heat and cold storage and active concrete will be applied. A green roof will provide for a better isolation and will be energy saving. It also holds rain which partly evaporates and partly will be drained away to be used as rinse water. The existing greenstructure is an important quality of the area. In our proposal we would like to extend it by way of a dense greenbelt along the street, and the area of the academy will be designed as a sequence of gardens, each having its own paving and plants and thus its own atmosphere. The plan for the Fred. Roeskestraat is part of the development of the Zuidas. The public space in the area will be improved and adjusted to the quality standard of the Zuidas.

Study extention Rietveld Academie en Loyens en Loeff
Client: Rietveld Academie
Architect: Rob Hootsmans
Projectarchitect: Marlies Boterman
Projectteam: Giacomo Cecarelli, Nicki Clifford, Guus Teunissen
Building surface: 28.000 m2, Design: 2008 - 2009