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Nihonbashi, Tokyo, Japan
Entering Muromachi Life Science lab our goal was for visitors to experience a design where local Japanese craftmanship blends in with the technology of the Science Lab.  Carefully detailed timber walls and fixed furniture represent the components of the local tradition. This contrasts with the ceiling from which hang technical glass tubes, filled with content that will function as one large scientific library. Transitions in space zones are clearly translated into material changes. Laboratory spaces contain display windows that share the latest inventions. However, activities undertaken inside the Science Labs are confidential and therefore the walls are only transparent at the very top, gradually becoming translucent further down towards the floor. Daylight can still reach into the meeting rooms further inside the building. This space represents the ideology of Muromachi and important clients are invited here experience the activities and expertise of the company. Meeting rooms, gathering spaces, laboratories, displays and open / closed workspaces all give an impression of Muromachi.