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photos: Leonard Faustle
This cupboard hangs on the wall. It is a simple block. When opening the parts it turns out to be a triptych with a multiform interior. On the left the front sides consist of three parts and on the right of four parts of various dimensions, which can be opened separately. Its manifestation may differ and the cupboard is in particular suitable to be left open. The piece of furniture has been made with a CNC machine. The exact dimensions are: lxwxh 360x216x594mm. The piece of furniture consist of thirty-three slices of 18-mm birch plywood. It is always based on the same outer form. In total nineteen parts are required for making this, with a total of hundred individual parts. Magnets have been included in the plywood inversely, so that the rotating parts remain closed in a closed condition. The hinges are invisible when the cupboard is closed.

Made and designed by Marlies Boterman 2007
Exhibited: Amsterdam, 70+30, Bernard Leupen 2014
Exhibited: Jakarta, Kota Tua Festival 2015