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This project started with the desire to work with local material. The extension of the Northern line from Kennington to Battersea in South West London was in process of construction. I collected 20 large bags of pure clay excavated from around 20 meters underground, just around the corner of the site. The colour of this clay was dark brow. After bisque firing it in the kiln it turned bright red. The idea to use the book Ulysses, from James Joyce came from Roger Black, the creative director of Ballymore. Not only is Ulysses one of the most famous books of Irish literature. Penguin Random House, the main tenant of the building, publishes this book. Using text from one of their most influential authors on their roster seemed an appealing idea. All chapters of Ulyssen are written in a complete different style. I discovered by extracting the chapters into single sentences the dynamic of the book could be expressed in a visual/graphic story.

The installation creates a link to the London geology and history. By choosing an famous Irish writer it also creates a link to the owner of Ballymore, Sean Mulryan, and his Irish heritage. It could be an inspirational object for the people who use the building daily. The viewer has to actively engage with the installation by rotating the disks to be able to read the full sentence. Different story lines can be included. 

I designed this installation while working for PLP-Architecture.