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The sculpture looks back at the roots of the client, Ballymore, who began their journey in the brick industry. It is placed in the lobby of One Embassy Gardens in London. 

For ages brickwork has shaped the facades of London buildings. An unconscious scenery of peoples daily lives. If only these walls could talk... By unraveling the two different components, into the mortar (a bronze cast) and the bricks (eco-resin) people will be encouraged to reflect and remember.  Three options were tested, all with the same concept but in a different material.

This object will seperate the two lobby entrances. In the evening the eco-resin block will subtily light up. During the day, sunlight will create shadows and you can see in interesting dialoge between the mesh of the bronze cast of mortar and the semi-transparent brickwork blocks inside.

Millimetre made the installation and have been closely involved from the very beginning. Structure Workshop was responsible for the calculations.

This is an installation I designed while working for PLP-Architecture.